Snoring can be troublesome for the person sharing the bed, but it an also have damaging effects on the sufferer’s sleep.

At Fitz Park Dental Practice, we can help you use oral devices to resolve you’re snoring and sleep apnoea.

These simple devices are custom made in order to efficiently address the problem.

There are two types of anti-snoring devices that may be suitable for you:

  • Mandibular repositioning devices – the mostly widely used appliance, this repositions your lower jaw and keep your airways open
  • Tongue retaining devices – keep your airways open by holding your tongue in place.

Please pay us a visit to find out how we can help you or a family member and ensure a good night’s sleep.


Fitz Park Dental Practice is proud to have been awarded the Denplan Excel Mark of Excellence.


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Fitz Park Dental Practice initial health check

Fitz Park Dental Practice advises its customers to attend check-ups at least two times a year in order to maintain good oral health. Taking good care of your teeth and gums means you can expect to keep your teeth for life. To do this, regular trips to the dentist are essential in order that early signs of decay, gum disease and bite problems and be identified quickly.

A range of dental problems can be hidden, and regular check-ups and consultations are essential in order to stop, limit or manage the impact of these problems.

During your first consultation at Fitz Park Dental Practice, your dentist will examine the soft and hard tissue in your mouth.