At Fitz Park Dental Practice we are passionate about ensuring the prevention of dental disease for our customers across Cumbria. Regular visits to our dental hygienist will go a long way to us achieving this, whilst keeping your mouth healthy and your breath fresh.

Attending the hygienist regularly will result in clean and healthy teeth, the confidence that your breath is fresh, as well as the knowledge that you are reducing the amount of treatment you will require in later life.

We recommend you visit every three months if you are suffering from persistent gum disease or have persistent dental problems. If you have fillings or crowns or a history of dental disease we would like to see you every six months. For those with un-restored teeth with no susceptibility of gum disease, we would like to see you once every six months.

Our hygienist service includes the following:

  • advice on what you can do in your oral hygiene routine to avoid bad habits developing
  • we will ensure your teeth brushing technique is as effective as possible
  • we will polish your teeth and leave them looking sparkling
  • we will examine your teeth and gums for evidence of gum disease or tooth decay
  • we will deeply and thoroughly clean to remove deposits of scale, plaque and stain

Additional hygiene visits may be required to maintain dental implants.


We recommend you visit every three months if you are suffering from persistent gum disease or have persistent dental problems.


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Fitz Park Dental Practice initial health check

Fitz Park Dental Practice advises its customers to attend check-ups at least two times a year in order to maintain good oral health. Taking good care of your teeth and gums means you can expect to keep your teeth for life. To do this, regular trips to the dentist are essential in order that early signs of decay, gum disease and bite problems and be identified quickly.

A range of dental problems can be hidden, and regular check-ups and consultations are essential in order to stop, limit or manage the impact of these problems.

During your first consultation at Fitz Park Dental Practice, your dentist will examine the soft and hard tissue in your mouth.