It is common for teeth to yellow with age, and at Fitz Park Dental Practice we offer a teeth whitening service that will restore your teeth’s colour and allow you to smile with confidence.

Our team will perform an examination to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy, before advising on the most appropriate technique to proceed with and guide you on the possible results of treatment.

Fitz Park Dental Practice provides two different techniques:

  • Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every patient. And it has a 98% success rate.  Enlighten Evolution Whitening is a combination treatment meaning that there is a 2 week home treatment followed by a 1 hour visit to the dentist.
  • Home Whitening involves impressions of the patient’s teeth being produced. These are tray like gum shields that patients wear overnight for about ten nights, inserting whitening solution into them before each session. This causes no structural change to the teeth, and the results last from 18 months to three years depending on the patients, eating, drinking and smoking habits. Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking all result in teeth discolouring faster, for example.

Following your chosen treatment, the Fitz Park Dental Practice team will be on hand with a first rate aftercare service.

People with extremely sensitive teeth, fracture lines or a history of joint problems may not be suitable for teeth whitening. If you would like to discuss further, our team will be happy to help.


The Fitz Park Dental Practice team will perform an examination to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy, before advising on the most appropriate whitening technique.


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Fitz Park Dental Practice initial health check

Fitz Park Dental Practice advises its customers to attend check-ups at least two times a year in order to maintain good oral health. Taking good care of your teeth and gums means you can expect to keep your teeth for life. To do this, regular trips to the dentist are essential in order that early signs of decay, gum disease and bite problems and be identified quickly.

A range of dental problems can be hidden, and regular check-ups and consultations are essential in order to stop, limit or manage the impact of these problems.

During your first consultation at Fitz Park Dental Practice, your dentist will examine the soft and hard tissue in your mouth.